The Right Way To Develop Your Golf Training Routine

Training correctly is the most important part of your training routine. The most commonly forgotten part of golf training is shots near the green. Spending hours at the driving range hitting arrow straight drive might be exciting, but working on shots in the 100 yard range improves your scores faster.

The secret to any training system is to stick a routine. Split your training time evenly between both the long and short game. Two hours pounding drives should equal committing to two hours putting on the green.

Shots out of the sand, chip shots and approach shots should not be neglected either. A straight, Herculean drive is beautiful, but chip shots will win matches. Always simulate real world conditions when training. Racking the sand smooth and placing the ball gently on top might look pretty, but it is not something you will ever see in a match. Throw the ball straight up and let it drop to practice the dreaded fried egg flop. Place you shots near the vertical of the bunker to simulate high angle outs or taking the smart shot to the side.

Has it been a while since the grass was trimmed somewhere? Practice saving your game from the cabbage. Just because you cannot spend all of your time at the driving range does not mean you can practice. If you spent an hour at the driving range this morning, then you owe yourself an hour of short game practice. Take a bucket of balls to the local park and practice chipping from the tan bark, or the untrimmed edges of the grass.

Your putter swing is absolutely the most important part of your routine training. Matches are lost and won on the green more than other sections of the course. Practice shots from inches to feet, uphill, cross slope and downhill while on the putting green.

Do not forget that you can practice at home too. You can chip from the garden and weed at the same time. Refrain from mowing the back yard another week and practice some light chip shots. Find a neighbor and take turns hitting practice balls into each other yard to work on blind chip shots.

To make your golf training effective remember that there is no substitute for regular practice. Four hours at the driving range on a Saturday is great, but you would be better off with three one-hour sessions through the week. Most important, enjoy your time. Golf is no fun if becomes work.

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