Kitten Training And Why It Is So Important

People often view cat and kitten training as being comical. However, it is very important to make sure you properly train your kitten when you first bring it home. Your train your dog right? The first few years of a kitten’s life are the most important in regards to its development into a full grown cat. If not taught the proper behaviors you and your new kitten will have a rocky existence together.

Cats are creatures of habit. If they develop a bad habit as a kitten it will stick with them when they grow old. It is fun to play with your new kitten with your hands when you first bring it home, but this is a very bad idea. If your kitten learns early on that a hand is a toy, it will continue to treat your hand as a toy when it is older. It may not hurt when your kitten is young, but a full grown cat can hurt you pretty bad. If you use the proper kitten training techniques your kitten will grow into a happy well behaved cat.

Cats are very curious creatures. Without proper training as a kitten your cat can develop bad behavior that could even harm your cat. Cats will get into dangerous places where they can get stuck or chew on electrical wires in your house. If you train them properly as a kitten they will know to stay away from these dangers.

Cat and kitten training is very possible if you stick with it and use the proper methods. You never want to strike your cat. They will either start to fear you or think it is play time. It is best to reward your cat for good behavior. Cats also respond pretty well to loud noises. They get scared easily and if they associate the loud noise with a behavior you want to avoid they will stray away from it. By loud noises I am referring to a clap, or shout. Another method used is to put pennies in a tin can.

If you start cat and kitten training at an early enough age you and your new kitty will have a happy existence together. It is possible to train older cats, but it is more difficult once they are set in their ways. A well behaved cat is a more loving cat.

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